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DIAMon Plus™ is system that monitor the curing process DIAMon Plus INASCO sensor
Flow charts and binder polymerization

DIAMon Plus™ - is an industrial proven system that monitors in real-time the curing process of a composite part.

It employs combined sensing from tool mounted dielectric sensors, flow sensors and thermocouples, integrated with interactive and scalable software.

Real-time sensing combined with cure kinetics modeling provides a material state map that can be used for Process Monitoring, Optimisation and Control.

The manudacturer is able to accurately

Application of DIAMon Plus™ to LCM-process (RTM, LRI, RFI, ...)

Installation of DIAMon Plus sensor on tooling Dielectric cure sensor Dielectric cure sensor Flow sensor Software DIAMon Plus


  • "Tool-mounted" dielectric cure and flow sensors
  • Measurement of Resin Viscosity in the Tool
  • Degree of Cure
  • Detection of Resin Arrival


  • Real-Time Quality Assessment
  • Increased Quality for Process and Part
  • Assessment of Resin Condition prior to production
  • Detection of Unwanted Events

Parameters Monitored in Real-Time

Dielectric Measurement

  • Gain/Phase, Complex Impendance, Equivalent Capacitance/Resistance
  • Wide Frequence Range (DC to 20kHz).

Flow Monitoring Measurement

  • Resin Arrival Time
  • Resin Flow Speed
  • Resin Flow Direction

Material State Monitoring

  • Degree of Cure
  • Resin Viscosity
  • Glass Transition Temperature

System Configuration

  • 4 dielectric cure sensors
  • 12 flow sensors
  • 16 thermocouples

The DIAMon Family of Solutions

The DIAMon Family of Solutions