Folded structures are 3D regular relief configurations obtained from a plane by folding along a pattern.

Structures, made from specific material and having folded structure are called folded structures.

Advantages of folded cores:

  • A possibility to remove moisture from the inner part of sandwich panel
  • High strength and stiffness
  • High impact resistance
  • Fine acoustic properties
  • A possibility to manufacture structures from a wide range of materials
  • Simple processing scheme for cores manufacturing without additional operations of bonding, cutting and impregnation of the core

Basic principles of various folded structures development, classification.

Basic structure is a plane Z-crimp. Modifying Z-crimp, various shapes of folded cores with new properties may be obtained: with cellular structure, single or double curvature, curvilinear enveloping surfaces and areas of contact for bonding to the skins, and other properties.

Application of structures with folded cores in fuselage panels and wing parts.

Folded cores with various structure, manufactured from composite materials.

Main methods and equipment for folded cores manufacturing from a continuous roll material or sheet material.

Structural solutions for sound level reduction based on folded cores.

Application of folded cores with specific architecture and fine shock absorbing properties, including explosion-proof elements.