Activity of Center of Composite Technology is aiming at the development and improvement of composite materials technology and composite structures. To manage this task we use advanced innovative equipment and software for technology optimization and digital design and technology simulation.

Vast expertise of KNRTU-KAI Center of Composite Technology (CCT), Kazan, includes contract work for domestic and foreign customers as well as training and retraining of employees of aerospace companies and universities.

All research and development contract work that is performed in Center of Composite Technology, KNRTU-KAI has application, to the extent of manufacturing experimental equipment and pilot batches of parts.

Center of composite technology function

  • Research and development in the domain of composite technology.
  • Development of innovative and advanced composite parts manufacturing technology and their transfer into industrial application.
  • Development of innovative processing equipment.
  • Synthesis of new structural and technological solutions for composite parts.
  • Development and study of the parameters of polymer composite materials.
  • Proposing processing solutions for transport engineering industry.
  • Education, training of universities and industry employees.

Work ideology

Applying methods of simulation, end-to-end design and manufacturing of composite structures in digital environment.

R and D work

  • Integral and sandwich structures manufacturing technology.
  • Composite parts manufacturing technology using transfer molding methods.
  • Search for advanced structural solutions based on processing capabilities.

Results achieved by Center of Composite Technology have been demonstrated numerous times on international exhibitions and forums of the upper level.

Center of Composite Technology, KNRTU-KAI, conducts research in the domain of composite materials and plastics: static strength testing, impact resistance testing, acoustic testing, physics and chemistry testing, including methods of non-destructive testing.