Automatic control of composite parts molding processes: from tool heating and resin preparation to programmed curing.

Thermo Infusion Automatic Center - TIAC

Operations which can be realized by TIAC according to a preset program:

  • preparing, heating and degassing of resin;
  • controlled injection (pressure feed) of resin into the mold or resin infusion;
  • polymerization of the part;
  • repeating of technological process.

The main equipment of the complex consists of:

  • Injection module with a heating tank and a programmed interface for working with high-temperature resin;
  • Heat module with a high degree of homogeneity inside the working area of the chamber;
  • Connected systems of module control.

Parts of TIAC

RTM Injection Unit

Manufacturer: Isojet

Tank capacity1 to 100 liters
Pressure0 to 10 bar
Temperature20 to 175°C
Control bax by computers or supervision

Curing Oven COMPO SAT

Manufacturer: SAT

Maximum Temperature250°C
Heating Rate5°C/min
Cooling Rate2°C/min
Isothermal Stability±2°C/min