We manufacture preforms using TFP technology. This technology provides an opportunity to create tailored reinforcement of composite parts and local reinforcement areas.

Tajima TFPM

Multihead embroidery machine with fiber placement

manufacturer: Tajima GMBH

Number of stitching heads2
Maximum roving fixation velocitynot less than 1000 stitches per min
Placement materialcarbon
aramid roving
Working area800x1000 mm

TFP – essence of the process

Advantages of TFP

  1. Fiber placement along load transfer vectors.
  2. A possibility to create local reinforcement areas.
  3. Manufacturing net-shape preforms.
  4. High accuracy and repeatability of the process.
  5. Process automation.
  6. Optimum application of load bearing capacity of the roving (weight reduction).

TFP preforms and details

Manufacturing of a wheel frame using TFP