Tufting head


  • Transversal stitching of multilayer preforms along bicurvature surfaces
  • Manufacturing of multilayer complex cylindrical preforms with further tufting
  • Additional transversal reinforcement of complex preforms from carbon, glass and organic materials with aramid fibers
  • Single-sided transversal stitching using aramid fibers for local reinforcement of complex preforms
  • Single-sided transversal stitching of complex multilayer preforms along curvilinear path to form folding lines
  • Single-sided transversal stitching of complex multilayer preforms with aramid fibers to create continuous local compaction areas for direction of resin flow within transfer molding processes
  • Transversal reinforcement of foam cores of aircraft sandwich-panels using tufting technology

Tufting principle

Tufting principle

Making a stitch using one thread and one needle without interweaving, and a base material penetrated by the needle during the process. When penetrating the material, a needle introduces a thread inside making a loop in the lower position of the needle. Loop formation is possible either inside or outside of the materials.

Tufted preforms