FiberSIM - Complete Software Solution for Composites Design and Manufacturing.

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FiberSIM supports every step of the composite part development process, including:

  • Enabling engineers to specify laminates and select the best ply creation methodology for the job, be it ply-based, zone-based or structure-based design
  • Automatically creating ply geometry by defining transitions with sequence, drop-off, and stagger profiles that automatically populate the CAD model, as opposed to the tedious process of manually creating the CAD curves for each ply
  • Generating variable offset surfaces and solids, including mock-up surfaces for interference checking, mating surfaces for parts joined together, and tooling surfaces for manufacturing
  • Verifying and communicating design requirements by automatically generating engineering documentation and/or Microsoft Excel tables
  • Simulating part producibility based on material and manufacturing process, which provides early feedback and enhances development process efficiency
  • Defining manufacturing boundaries and details, such as splices, darts, and tape courses, to reduce costs and time-to-part
  • Automatically creating manufacturing documentation for factory floor instruction that ensures consistent layup and product quality
  • Automatically generating manufacturing data — such as flat patterns and data to drive automated cutting machines, laser projection systems, fiber placement machines, and tape laying machines — and sharing it downstream and across the enterprise