Metal tooling

Heated tooling

Heated tooling is used for manufacturing composite parts using hot-cure resins. Heating may be both external and internal.

When the heating is external, the tooling is placed into an oven, an autoclave or into the press with heated plates. High-frequency current induction heating is also possible.

When the heating is internal, heating elements are introduced into the tooling. It may be a system of channels with medium, e.g. hot oil, or integral system of electrical heating.

Composite tooling

Main advantage of composite tooling is thermal expansion factor, which is equal to the thermal expansion factor of the part produced. It provides minimal shrinkage during molding.

Light-RTM tooling

Tooling consists of two parts: female part and lite male part. This structure is the most suitable one for molding of large-size parts, because at given process parameters it allows obtaining good surface quality of the part.

Example of composite tooling manufacturing