Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute TsAGI (Zhukovskiy, Russia)

Manufacturing and testing of composite unit fragment with integrated rack.

Project goal: comprehensive research and development aiming at production of a high-lift wing parts such as composite wing spoiler, with improved material mechanical properties and processability.

To reach the goal, designed were different variants of a spoiler that could be manufactured using advanced process methods, such as radial braiding, tufting and transfer molding.

RTM process was selected for part manufacturing. The structure has closed cavities, formed by intersection of the walls, ribs and skin.

Interlaminar connection is reinforced by tufting. A number of sub-preforms is braided which improves processability of the part.

Technological, calculation and experimental research allows moving forward to high-lift devices with composite racks with high degree of integrity, implementing the following idea: one molding – one part.